Daytime workout legs

Always in a man, legs and back are synonymous with strength. These are muscle groups that are as large as they are difficult to train.

There are in fact numerous exercises to train them, without knowing in a targeted way which one can be more or less effective. Today we take legs into consideration, trying to find out which are the 5 best exercises to do to get powerful legs.

Let’s first clarify what are the muscles that form the leg and thigh. Among the numerous that are there, we list only the main ones:

  1. Buttocks (large, medium, small)
  2. Adductors (short, long, large)
  3. Iliac
  4. Great psoas
  5. Femoral biceps
  6. Femoral rectum
  7. Broad (intermediate, lateral, medial)
  8. gastrocnemius
  9. Solo

Of all, these are the «most important» muscles, the most stressed and most predominant in terms of size.

5 Exercises For Mighty Legs

Let’s now analyze the exercises.

1. Barbell squats

The barbell squats appear to be the absolute best among all exercises for the legs.

Unfortunately, it is an extremely difficult exercise which, if not performed correctly, can be harmful. Mainly, it is necessary to focus on pushing the hips backward, unloading the weight on the heels so as to stress the knee joints as little as possible, keeping the spine in line.

Furthermore, in order for it to be truly effective, it would be necessary to make a complete squatting down to the parallel. Think, for example, of a child of about one and a half years of age, who folds himself into a squat to catch an object from the ground.

Thanks to his extreme flexibility, his gesture is posturally perfect with a straight back, buttocks under the parallel and no loss of balance.

It is, therefore, a movement that in our experience is completely natural. The important thing is, before performing it with an overload, learn to perform the bodyweight gesture, in total safety.

2. Means deadlifts

Another fundamental exercise for an excellent focus on hamstring muscles, i.e. the hamstrings, and on the buttocks.

It too, like the previous one, needs an educated being in order to make it perfect posturally. It is performed by grabbing a barbell from the ground and rising in an upright position.

From here the movement rom is performed by going down to below the knees again and returning explosively to an upright position. The legs are not fully stretched, but the knees slightly bent.

The tips for a good execution are to keep the barbell as close as possible to the body, bring the hips far back, and here too keep the column line.

3. Walking lunges

В Walking lunges are another exercise that can never be missing from your workout. They can be performed with the barbell or dumbbells.

At first, it is useful to try it without overload and then insert it only after having internalized the gesture.

During the movement, make sure that the column is always straight, and on creating 90 В° angles in both legs that you bend, especially the one that does not take the step forward but stays behind.

You will notice that in addition to strengthening your muscles, this exercise will put a strain on your balance, improving your body’s proprioception and awareness. Perform the movement slowly while checking your body.

Be careful not to bring the knee past the tip of the foot, in the first leg that advances, but concentrate on lowering the back as much as possible.

4. Hack squats

Carried out on the machine, the hack squat will definitely demolish your legs. Thanks to the help of the machine, you will put less strain on your back, already heavily stressed in previous exercises.

Make sure you have your spine well-supported against the back, your toes physiologically open and at a height just above your shoulders. Descend and ascend very slowly. A variant of the traditional squat, a must try to improve your legs.

5. Calf

As a last exercise, we go to work the famous calves, the worry of many athletes. Although they are a victim of genetics, it is possible to stress them strongly with the handlebar calf.

If you do not have the calf machine, you can still run it near a step, placing only the tip of your foot. From this position, with the knee joint in lock, then the leg stretched, and the back straight, slowly lift up on the toe and go down again.

We will hold the dumbbell in the same hand as the foot that is under stress, while with the other hand we will help to maintain support and balance. Performing it alternately allows a greater concentration acheter Tri Trenbolone en ligne on the muscle, not creating imbalances between the two sides.


These 5 exercises, however, require a lot of experience or at least get followed by a personal trainer who corrects and helps you.

Make sure you know how to do the movement correctly before doing it with an overload. In this way, you can work in total serenity enjoying the results of the training.